La Società Internazionale di Filologia Italiana was founded in 1985 during the VII International Conference on Historical Linguistics in Pavia, Italy, to promote studies in Italian Linguistics and Philology and the teaching of Italian Language outside Italy.

SILFI has been working for about 30 years to promote contacts and meetings among those who deal with Italian Studies in Italy and worldwide. In this perspective SILFI collaborates with Italian Cultural Institutes, Italian Language Centers, Italian Upper Secondary Schools and University Departments of Italian Studies. Since 1989 SILFI has been organizing 13 international biennial meetings at Italian Language Centers and Universities in many different countries: 1989 Siena, 1991 Cambridge, 1994 Perugia, 1996 Madrid, 1998 Catania, 2000 Duisburg, 2002 Roma, 2004 Copenhagen, 2006 Firenze, 2008 Basel, 2010 Napoli, 2012 Helsinki, 2014 Palermo.

SILFI has currently 300 members from universities all over the world: Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, the Netherland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Japan. SILFI conferences are open to all scholars who are interested in and actively contribute to the wide disciplinary field of Italian Linguistics and Philology. Only SILFI members have the right to vote at the general assembly of members.